The best place to start is with an explanation of secondary double glazing. Not everyone is familiar with this term – so, before we explain the benefits of secondary double glazing, we’ll provide you with a general overview of what it is.

Secondary double glazing is a term used to describe a window that’s fitted to the side of a property. As with any double-glazing product, a range of styles are available – so you’ll be able to choose a window that suits the style of your property.

Although we’ll discuss the many of secondary glazing in more detail later, you’ll be pleased to know that your newly-installed windows will reduce noise intrusion by as much as 80%, while significantly improving thermal performance.

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Stay Warm With Secondary Double Glazing

One of the primary reasons people choose secondary double glazing is comfort- and cost-orientated. Their home is frequently cold and expensive to heat, which creates a range of unwanted issues. For example, their immediate environment will be cold and expensive to heat –  and, because of the absence of secondary double glazing, suffer from a lower market value.

Keep Warm, Save Money

Our secondary double glazing will keep your interior space warmer. It will minimise heat loss that might otherwise be permitted through gaps in your windows – and by as much as 65%, which is approximately 10% higher than double glazing.

Apart from rewarding you with a more comfortable environment, secondary glazing will reduce your reliance on internal heating mechanisms to stay warm. You’ll be able to dial down the thermostat instead and relax in total comfort.

A Lower U-Value Score

A U-value score indicates how effective a material is at retaining heat. The lower the score, the better the window is at insulating. Secondary double glazing is 65% more effective than standard double glazing, which is why it’s an enduringly-popular choice.

Prevent Unwanted Draughts

Wind entering in through gaps in the windows will make a room uncomfortable. Depending on the severity of the room, the space in question could even become unusable. Secondary double glazing overcomes this problem by tackling the heat issue head-on.

To prevent unnecessary heat loss and cold air entry, Granada recommends secondary glazing in either a 4mm, 6mm or 8mm size. The inclusion of low E glass – which uses a specific coating that reflects heat back inside – will improve the performance of your windows.

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Optimise Your Secondary Double Glazing

To get the best from your new product, we strongly suggest that the secondary glazed unit is fixed frontally to the inside of your main window and with an air cavity that’s no deeper than 80mm. This will better prevent heat loss, compared to most other types of glazing.

Add a Hardwood Frame to Your Secondary Glazing

Granada has the capacity to manufacture its secondary glazed units using a hardwood subframe. Why is this important? Hardwood functions superbly as a thermal barrier, which will stop the aluminum frame in your secondary glazing from cooling too much.

The Further Advantages of Secondary Double Glazing

Improved Acoustic Performance

If you live in a noisy area, secondary double glazing will block out almost all sounds – whether they’re caused by traffic or people. You could notice a reduction in unwanted sounds from outside that’s as high as 80%.

Our secondary glazing is perfect if you live or work in a busy city area –  near a busy intersection, for example, or facing on to the main road. You’ll be able to relax in absolute comfort and forget about the world outside your windows.

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Enhanced Security Levels

Stay safe when you choose secondary double glazing for your home. Access from the outside is not needed, so you won’t have to worry about intruders trying to gain access to your building and can relax instead.

Secondary double glazing is perfectly suited for multi-storey buildings for the above-stated reasons. If you live in a block of flats, then you will derive great benefit from this form of double glazing. Contact us for details.

Increased Market-Value

Your home will increase in value, to the wide range of benefits that come as standard with secondary double glazing. A warmer, safer and aesthetically more pleasing building will be more attractive to prospective buyers.

And, because our secondary glazing is strong and long-lasting, it will continue to make your home more marketable long into the future. Call the Granada team for more information and a secondary double glazing quote.

No More Condensation

Old or poorly installed double glazing can allow in cold air that will turn to condensation. If left untreated, these beads of liquid can precipitate the advent of mould. Secondary double glazing overcomes this problem.

Fitted into the profile of every window we sell is a trickle vent. This provides an escape route for unwanted warm moist air, which it filters outside to prevent damage to your property. Secondary glazing will protect your home.

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Retain Your Aesthetics

You’re already happy with the appearance of your property and are choosing secondary double glazing for practical reasons. That’s why you want reassurance that your new windows won’t adversely affect the look if your home.

Our secondary glazing is neutral in design and slim in shape. It won’t clash with the architectural style of your home and suits all property types – including heritage, modern and those situated in conservation areas.

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Our Experience

Granada has the capacity to work on secondary double glazing projects UK-wide. Wherever you live, we’ll be able to help. We’re also an award-winning company that has successfully completed a range of renovation and construction projects across the country.

To find out why Granada is often the first choice for residential and commercial customers, read through some of our secondary double glazing case studies. Afterwards, you can contact us by calling 0845 900 3899 or sending us a message to request further details.

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