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Create a Peaceful, Warm & Secure Home with Granada Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing can be installed within all properties including Listed Buildings

Block Noise With Granada's Noise Cancelling Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing will reduce noise levels by up to 80%

Prevent Draughts and Reduce Heat Loss Through Existing Windows

Secondary Glazing can reduce heat loss by as much as 65%

Increase Security With Internal Locks

Granada’s secondary glazing can be locked from the inside to enhance security and safety

Secondary Glazing is Slimline, Discreet and Durable

Made from durable aluminium all of Granada’s secondary glazing is manufactured within the UK

Create a Peaceful, Warm & Secure Home with Secondary Glazing

Reduce Noise Levels by up to 80% with Secondary Glazing

Prevent draughts and Reduce Heat Loss Through Existing Windows

Slimline, Discrete and Durable Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing for Hotels, Education. Offices and Commercial Buildings

Bespoke, Handcrafted Secondary Glazing

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium secondary glazing. This involves fitting a discreet internal window in addition to your existing windows, keeping the character of your property and exceeding the benefits of double glazing. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial developer, find out how we can transform your property with secondary double glazing by calling us today on 01909 499 899.

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What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary double glazing features installing a slimline window onto the inside of your existing windows. This process has been designed to enhance security levels and increase acoustic and thermal insulation within your home. At Granada Glazing, we install secondary window glazing to homes across the UK.

Secondary glazing is ideal for listed buildings, heritage homes and conservation areas. Each window is made to measure and can be customised to match the style, function and colour of your primary windows. With this, you will be able to keep the beautiful authentic aesthetic of your home. We also install our secondary double glazing to new properties to enhance single, double and triple glazing.

When you take advantage of secondary double glazing, you enjoy all the benefits that come with an extra layer of insulation over your windows. This cuts down on heat transfer, which means that your home retains more heat, leading to reduced energy consumption and costs.

If you live in a noisy area, Granada’s range of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing will help. After installation, most homeowners notice up to 80% reduced noise pollution, allowing secondary glazing to create a peaceful, warm and secure UK home.

Choosing Granada Secondary Glazing

With over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke secondary glazing, we ensure the highest quality and very best acoustic and thermal performance. Our range of aluminium secondary double glazing is made to measure. This ensures all windows fit perfectly and match the design aesthetic of your home.

We expertly design and manufacture a range of styles to complement all property types. Our durable aluminium frames are powder coated in-house where you can choose from over 200 RAL colours. Customising the colour gives you the flexibility to match the interior of each room within your UK property, allowing the secondary double glazing to blend in seamlessly.

Granada Glazing has partnered with a trusted and dedicated installer network. This network has been carefully selected and trained to offer the best acoustic and thermal solutions in your local area. Our trusted installer network can supply and install our products across the whole of the UK. We have helped 1000’s of homeowners increase their property’s acoustic and thermal insulation levels, and we are here to do the same for you.

Our Secondary Glazing Products

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing
Vertical Secondary Glazing

Vertical sliders are used in conjunction with traditional box sash windows. A tilt-in option is available, enabling both panels to individually tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

Hinged Casement Secondary Glazing
Hinged Secondary Glazing

Hinged casements are normally used in conjunction with casement windows or traditional box sash windows. The glazed panes operate on hinges and open into the room.

Hinged Secondary Glazing

Fixed Secondary Glazing
Fixed Secondary Double Glazing

Our most simple secondary double glazing product typically used where there is a minimal area available for fixing into. Unlike our other products, once installed the glazed panel cannot be removed.

Fixed Secondary Glazing

Lift Out Secondary Glazing
Liftout Secondary Glazing

The glazed panels are held in place with a slimline aluminium outer frame. Panels can simply be lifted out of the outer frame to give access to the primary window.

Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Bespoke Secondary Glazing
Bespoke Windows Secondary Glazing

If you are unsure which secondary window glazing system is most suitable for your property, or you require a bespoke shaped window, please get in touch, and we will create the ideal solution.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing


Why Choose Secondary Glazing?

80% Sound Insulation

Secondary double glazing offers the most effective sound insulation – significantly outperforming double glazing. Our windows can reduce noise levels by up to 80%.

Thermal Insulation

65% Thermal Insulation

Secondary window glazing improves the thermal insulation of existing single-glazed windows. It reduces heat loss through the window by 65% – around 10% more than double glazing.

Increased Security

Increased Security

Secondary double glazing offers an affordable, discreet and highly effective solution to enhancing a building’s security. No external access is required, ideal for multi-storey buildings within the UK.

Secondary Glazing for Homeowners

There are many reasons for homeowners to consider installing secondary glazing from Granada. Secondary window glazing will block unwanted noise from close by traffic, planes, trains and other sources of noise. This makes it perfect for UK homeowners living in noisy areas.

Homes that suffer from heat loss will see a substantial increase in thermal insulation. Secondary glazing installed with a low-e glass can reduce heat loss by as much as 65%. With a range of additional glazing styles, you’ll end up with an attractive finish that blends seamlessly with your home.

Hinged units Granada
Listed building
Secondary Glazing Building
Hinged units Granada
Hinged units Granada
Hinged units Granada

Secondary Glazing Blocks Noise

Additional Value

Secondary glazing exceeds the value of traditional double glazing. In addition to providing outstanding thermal and noise insulation, this style of glazing is also extremely discreet. Someone observing your property is unlikely to notice the presence of secondary window glazing at all.

This level of subtlety allows historic homes to retain their character whilst taking advantage of modern glazing technology. We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes that you can install at your property, ensuring that the finish you choose blends perfectly with the existing design and style.

Secondary Glazing For Homeowners

There are many reasons for homeowners to consider installing secondary double glazing from Granada – beginning with thermal insulation. Air-conditioned spaces allow in less heat during the summer, while less heat escapes during the winter. Needless to say, reducing heat transfer through the windows can have a significant effect on your monthly heating and cooling bills. And with the range of styles we have available, you’ll end up with an attractive, unobtrusive finish that is sympathetic to the surroundings and existing window styles.

Secondary Glazing England

View our Secondary Glazing Colour Range


Traditional White Gloss

Brown Gloss

Van Dyke Brown Gloss

Black Satin

Black Satin


Cream Satin

Anthricite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Anthricite Grey

Pure White

Anthricite Grey

Choose from over 200 RAL Colours

Hinged units Granada
Secondary Glazing House
Secondary Glzing for Noise
Secondary Glazing Building

Retain the Character of your Property

One of the most important benefits of secondary glazing is that it can enhance the technical performance of a property without detracting from its charm or character. By taking advantage of our additional glazing products, you’ll also benefit from added security, reduced draughts and a 65% boost in thermal performance when compared to single-glazed windows. Secondary double glazing will significantly enhance your UK property, no matter how old it may be.

Contact us for a Secondary Double-Glazing Quote

For more information about the benefits of our secondary glazing – or to discuss our range of high-performing windows – please contact our experienced team. We will be able to discuss your design objectives in more detail and recommend a suitable product.

If you would like secondary double glazing prices, please use our online quote tool. You can use it as many times you like to generate cost comparisons. Granada has the experience to install your secondary window glazing perfectly the first time, so that it adds long-term value to your home.

Need Help Choosing the Right Secondary Glazing?

If you have a question about what window type is the right choice for your property, please do not hesitate to contact the Granada team.

No matter which window type you choose, your property in the UK will benefit from improved market value as well as becoming safer and more thermally efficient.

Our approved installer network will install your secondary double glazing flawlessly. Add lasting value to your home.

Contact us to find out more and receive a free secondary glazing quote.

Secondary Glazing Prices

Aluminium secondary glazing is the ideal way to help any property achieve its full potential. Even listed buildings can enjoy a more comfortable and secure living space with this installation.

Here at Granada, we’re able to accommodate homeowners, commercial and trade customers alike with our excellent service. We offer DIY kits and installations from our professional team to meet your precise needs.

Secondary glazing is an excellent investment for any and all property owners. There is a wide range of benefits that become immediately apparent, and you will enjoy superior performance all year round.

The initial investment of secondary glazing is highly affordable, and this becomes an even better investment when you consider how much you will be able to save on your home or business’ heating bills as a result.

For find out more about how much secondary glazing costs and to receive a quote for your competitive secondary glazing prices bespoke to you, we welcome you to contact the friendly team at Granada.

For secondary glazing, talk to us. We look forward to working with you soon.

What Our Customers Say

George in Shrewsbury - Changing the primary windows was not an option, so secondary glazing was the obvious solution to provide the necessary noise insulation.

September 20, 2019

Nicholas in Ickenham - installed secondary glazing in six windows at our grade II listed farmhouse. We are absolutely delighted with the work. Road noise has been eliminated and the secondary glazing fits perfectly as well as looking discreet.

October 14, 2019

Really impressed with the speed and quality of the work. It has made a huge difference to the house.

July 20, 2016

Windows look great, have made a big difference, very polished.

June 24, 2016

Complete process from quote to installation was very smooth. Appointments were always kept on time and goods were supplied as specified. A very professional company fashion.

July 20, 2016

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Conversion of this Grade II listed former Baptist Church in Cirencester into a contemporary home includes a bespoke secondary glazing package manufactured by Granada Glazing that has increased the...

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Request a Free Secondary Double Glazing Quote – 2 Simple Steps

Secondary Glazing FAQs

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is a discreet window that is installed in addition to your existing windows. It is installed to the internal side of your property. Available in different styles to suit all window types, secondary double glazing improved noise insulation and thermal efficiency. No other form of glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 80% (which is the equivalent of 54 dB). As it doesn’t change the fabric of the building, secondary glazing can be installed to homes in conservation areas as well as grade I and II listed buildings. Keep the same traditional charm of your original windows with added modern performance benefits. All of Granada Glazing’s products are manufactured from durable aluminium and can be powder coated in over 200 RAL colours. Thanks to the aluminium frame, secondary glazing also offered increased security levels. If your primary windows are forced open, secondary glazing acts as a second barrier as it can’t be opened from the outside. This makes them ideal when used in conjunction with single, double or triple glazed uPVC or timber windows.

What Are The Types Of Secondary Glazing?

There are six main types of secondary glazing! Our expert team will help you decide which style is best suited to your windows. Lift Out Units - Used when the primary window is fixed, or when the primary window is required to open for ventilation. Hinged Units - These units are used with casement or hinged primary windows. Vertical Sliders - The perfect addition to vertical sliding sash windows. The meeting rails align with the primary window meeting rail. Horizontal Sliders - Used in conjunction with casement or sash primary windows. That requires full access and where the casement window has sufficient space internally to open the secondary glazing. Bespoke - Ideal for more traditional properties, secondary glazing can be installed to unique primary windows. Fixed - Used for an independent window that is fitted internally.

How Effective Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing can be a very effective way of enhancing thermal efficiency, security, and noise reduction in your home! The second window acts as a barrier between your UK property and the outside world. Experience a home that is 80% quieter and 65% warmer all year round.

How Does Secondary Glazing Work?

When installed, secondary glazed windows sit inside the same window frame as your existing window. This acts as a second barrier between your home and the outside helping to improve your homes thermal efficiency, security and reduce noise pollution. This makes it the perfect solution for homes that do not want to completely replace their windows but are looking to make them more efficient.

Which Glass Type Should I Choose?

Secondary glazing is usually specified to combat two main issues; acoustic or thermal performance. In conjunction with the air cavity, the type of glass specified plays a vital role in rectifying your problem. As standard, all of our products are manufactured with 4mm toughened glass for enhanced security and safety. Please be aware that other secondary glazing providers may supply float glass which is brittle and can be easily broken. If broken, it can leave large dangerous shards, often resulting in injury. Here at Granada, we provide several types of glass ranging in thickness to coating. Each type of glass has specifically been designed and selected to offer optimum performance. Selecting the correct glass and installing the secondary glazed unit with an air cavity of 150mm to 200mm, can drastically reduce noise issues by up to 80% (54 dB). Most traffic noise problems can be rectified with the installation of either 6.4mm or 6.8mm clear acoustic glass. Where noise is a real nuisance, and loud, we suggest the specification of 8.8mm clear acoustic glass. Cold draughts breaching your primary windows can make a room feel uncomfortable and makes it uneconomical as the loss of heat will result in higher energy costs. Where thermal performance is required, we advise the installation of either 4mm, 6mm or 8.8mm clear laminate low E glass. Low E glass has a specially designed coating that reflects heat waves into the room, thus keeping your it warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The type of glass specified can increase or decrease your quoted price. It is best practice to speak with us directly as you may over-specify the glass type. We can provide a tailored solution to rectify your issue, which is both cost-efficient and practical for your specific needs.

What Is The Installation Process For Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is installed to the interior side of the room creating little to no mess. We can often complete installations within 1 hour. We work closely with over 500 national trade installers who will make an appointment to measure and install at your convenience.

What Materials Are Used For The Frames?

As market leaders within the glazing industry, it is essential that our secondary glazing is high performing and aesthetically pleasing. The key to our approach is to use the best raw materials available and manufacture to the highest standard possible. All of our frames are manufactured in house from slimline, durable aluminium. We cut, powder coat, arch and fabricate our aluminium frames in-house under one roof. Utilising high tech machinery such as CNC machines, we can ensure all frames are built to size as sealed units. Our knowledge, expertise and skills in manufacturing ensure high quality and the best performing product. Our competitors have tried to reduce the amount of aluminium within the frames to reduce the cost of raw materials, but we found this has a negative effect on product quality. Granada’s head office holds a team of product developers where they can often be found designing and manufacturing glazing products using new materials and manufacturing techniques. All of our products are quality tested before they leave our facility, ensuring a high level of quality and function.

Will I Lose the Functionality Of My Windows?

Granada’s glazing is available in many styles complimenting all window types. This way, you will still be able to use your original windows all year round. We have a range of windows that slide horizontally and vertically for easy access and cleaning. Our hinged unit operates on a hinge mechanism that can be placed on the side of the window for conventional opening or on the top or bottom dependent upon your requirements. Other window styles include fixed windows or lift outs which can easily be lifted out of the frame.

What Are The Advantages Of Secondary Glazing?

There are many benefits to secondary glazing! This type of glazing offers the most effective sound insulation, reducing noise levels by up to 80%. Secondary glazing also improves heat insulation and reduces heat loss through the window by around 65%. Secondary window glazing is an excellent value for money.