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Secondary glazing changing people’s lives

Sep 19, 2019 | DIY Secondary Glazing, Home Owners, News, Trade Partners |


Secondary glazing can make an unbelievable difference to people’s lives

Partnering with Granada Glazing, the UK’s largest manufacturer of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing, enables trade installers to broaden their product portfolio with a range of solutions that effectively and discreetly address homeowner’s acoustic and thermal issues.

The need to reduce noise levels is a particular concern for homeowners living near busy roads, railways or in city centres. Here Granada’s secondary glazing systems can deliver the optimum solutions that contribute to quieter, warmer and more comfortable buildings.

Capable of reducing noise levels by up to 80% – 54 decibels and decreasing heat loss by up to a significant 65%, secondary glazing can be installed in all property types and work alongside all primary window systems. Crucially, Granada’s range of bespoke secondary glazing can be installed within listed properties, providing acoustic, thermal and security benefits in buildings where the original primary windows are retained.

“We’re unique because we’re in a conservation county,” says Tony Randall, Managing Director of Shrewsbury-based Heritage Glass Group, a Granada customer for over ten years. “We get requests for secondary glazing quite regularly and our business builds through referrals from clients.”

Growing trend for secondary glazing

He notes a growing trend for installing secondary glazing to cut noise levels, saying. “It’s the noise issue; we’re seeing a lot more of that, especially with period houses on main roads, in the town centre and in conservation areas. People have more cars and life is getting a lot noisier. Where people can’t replace their primary windows due to planning regulations, they are choosing secondary glazing for its proven acoustic value and the benefit of additional thermal insulation. Granada is supporting us with this marketing opportunity.”

Currently in their 20th year of trading, Tony recognises the value in Granada’s high-quality products, excellent service, marketing and technical support that helps to drive their business in the Shropshire retail market.

He comments: “We like the longevity of relationships; we pursue longevity with all our partners. Granada offers a well-made, good value and consistent brand, which follows our pattern. If you believe in that brand and support it, then it pays off long-term. You become that brand to your clients.”

“If our customers come back for repeat work, know they can get the same brand. It gives them confidence in the continuity of the product and its reliability. Granada’s service is very good, hence why you stay with a supplier. They’re a decent company, with a decent brand doing a decent job,” he adds.

Granada’s reliable service and product quality wins praise from Edinburgh-based Viewforth Glazing. “The majority of our sales are for tenement houses, often in conservation areas, and the Tilt-in Vertical sliding unit is a perfect product. They are not only beneficial for heat retention, but upgraded with acoustic glass, help reduce noise levels in this busy city,” says Colin Scott-Smith, Installation Manager.

He adds: “Granada is very helpful in assisting with providing product drawings that customers have requested, and for samples to be displayed within our showroom. We get regular visits and updates on new products as well as supplies of sales material. On the large commercial contracts, their deliveries to site have always been punctual and efficient.”

Chesterfield-based Black Knight Secondary Glazing is another long-serving Granada customer who can testify to their supportive working relationship. “In terms of overall service, quality of product and helpfulness of staff, I don’t think there’s a box that isn’t being ticked,” comments Managing Director Graeme Payne. “Granada gives us immense support with their sales leads and their service is above and beyond. Their office and delivery staff go that extra mile to assist us.”

As specialists in secondary glazing, Graeme explains how their understanding of Granada’s product range and ‘meticulous attention to detail’ when installing the system ensures optimum performance. “When fitted correctly, it can make an unbelievable difference in people’s lives,” he says. “Generally, I think the Granada product range is second to none. The Heritage Horizontal Sliding window is a great product; that’s the best-performing window for noise reduction and user-friendliness.”

For larger projects, he finds Granada’s Heritage System with single panel sizes of up to 2.7m high by 4.9m wide has opened up new markets, such as high rise newbuild properties on brownfield sites with curtainwall sections requiring acoustic treatment to reduce external noise.

A recent example is their installation of a Heritage Horizontal two-piece slider to solve a noise problem for a customer whose Greenwich apartment overlooks the Millennium Dome. Graeme explains: “When operating, two of the building’s ventilation exhaust extractors were very noisy. Due to the shape of the roof and protruding balconies, instead of being fired vertically, the sound was directed straight towards my customer’s window.”

Delighted with the result, the customer praised the ‘great quality’ of the Black Knight team’s work, adding that ‘the noise is greatly reduced’.

Granada Glazing helps trade installers across the UK to promote the acoustic, thermal and security benefits of secondary glazing to their customers. This includes marketing support, technical assistance, competitive trade prices and rapid lead-times.

James Robinson, Granada Glazing Trade Sales Manager concludes: “Better Together is the main ethos behind our trade partner support. Helping them to promote the benefits of secondary glazing increases lead generation and supports their business growth.”

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