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Secondary Glazing Windows

Enhance the thermal efficiency in your home with our secondary glazing windows.


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Are your windows causing a draught in your property? Are you unable to upgrade to double glazing? Our secondary glazing windows can offer the perfect solution!

What is Secondary Glazing for Windows?

Secondary glazing for windows is the addition of a second window to your existing window. Homeowners and business owners commonly opt for secondary glazing to offer a discreet, unobstructed solution to insulating windows for listed buildings.

Our Secondary Glazing Windows

We offer a wide range of secondary glazing solutions to property owners, ensuring that you can find the right style to suit most properties. Our range of secondary glazing come in two ranges; Traditional or Heritage.

Horizontal Sliding

Our horizontal sliding windows are an exceptionally popular window due to its multipurpose use. This range is a slim and versatile profile that helps to increase your homes thermal performance while reducing exterior noise by up to 80%.

Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliding windows are designed to match the aesthetics of a traditional box sash window. Help to increase your window security with highly secure locking mechanisms. For homes in harder to reach places for cleaning, a tilt action can be added.


Our hinged casement windows feature a single handle operation combined with a multi point locking mechanism for an enhanced level of security. Being one of the most discreet secondary glazing profiles that we offer, it’s no doubt of its popularity.


Fixed secondary glazing windows act as an independent window that can be installed on the interior of your current window. Its purpose is to reduce significant noise pollution in your home while maintaining a significant level of security and thermal efficiency.

Lift Out

Our lift out secondary glazing windows has a removable panel that allows you to access your window when necessary. The lift out functionality is an intelligent feature for property owners that may require access to the exterior window from time to time.


Here at Granada Aluminium Secondary Glazing, we understand that every home is unique and therefore, your window requirements are likely to be as well. So we can offer a solution to your double glazing needs with our wide collection of specialist glass options.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Noise Reduction

Benefit from the most effective home improvement solution to you double glazing needs. With our secondary glazing windows, your home can now significantly outperform standard double glazing. From reducing the noise pollution of traffic too noisy neighbours by up to 80%!

Thermally Efficient

Enhance your homes thermal efficiency with the addition of our secondary windows. Add an extra layer to your existing window and reduce the heat loss in your home by up to 65%. This figure is a staggering 10% more than standard double glazing!

Increased Security

Our windows will provide your home with a discreet secondary security layer. For homes suffering from only one standard window, they may feel as though their property is a higher security risk. So we have designed a solution to enhance the security of your home.

Add Value

Add value to your home with Granada, secondary glazing designed to improve your properties thermal and sound insulation. Just when you thought double glazing was the only option, secondary glazing has provided you with a solution.

Retain Character

Maintain the character of your home with the addition of a slimline window explicitly designed for listed buildings and homes in conservation areas. It used to be hard to find the solution to your double glazing needs, until Granada secondary glazing.

Prevent Condensation

Condensation is a common issue among traditionally glazed properties. However, secondary glazing combined with well balanced ventilation can be the simple and cost effective solution to your condensation prevention needs.

Planning Permission

A common issue among home improvement solutions is the question of planning permission. Do I need planning permission for secondary glazed windows? The answer is usually no. Conservation areas and listed building are two types of properties that especially struggle with double glazing due to the area of the building. However, secondary glazing provides a solution.

Secondary Glazing Windows Prices

Are you interested in receiving secondary glazing for your home or property? Granada Aluminium Secondary Glazing can help. Start your free online quote with us and receive your tailored quote in no time at all. Alternatively, call us on 01909 499 899 and speak to one of our expertly trained team members for all your secondary glazing queries.


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