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Secondary Glazing Installation

Increase Your Homes Thermal Efficiency and Create a Warm and Secure Home
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Is your home constantly disrupted from the sound of traffic? Are you spending too much on keeping your home warm? Let our Secondary Glazing Installation help you.

What is a secondary glazing installation process? Secondary glazing is installed to the interior side of your window, creating little to no mess. Most installations are completed within the hour. Secondary glazing can be installed to reveal the window or can be fixed to the face of the primary window.

Measuring your window for installing secondary glazing is to select the design that complements your existing primary window. Select a design that you do not add additional site lines and can give you access to your primary window for maintenance, cleaning and ventilation.

It is manufactured from aluminium and powder coated, to give a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. You may on occasion have to wipe the aluminium down with a damp cloth to de-dust. Cleaning the glass is no different than other glass products.

Installation of secondary glazing boasts many unique benefits including 80% reduction in sound and 65% decrease in heat loss. Installing secondary glazing will require a small air cavity that acts as the insulation between your primary window and the glazing.

 An experienced tradesperson can install secondary glazing in an hour. The products we use are supplied as standard with a hardwood subframe – the subframe has two purposes; enhances the rigidity of aluminium window for ease of installation and acts as a thermal barrier.

Types of Secondary Glazing Installation

Granada’s secondary glazing products are suitable for all property types, including conservation or listed buildings. Our window styles provide 65% reductions on heat loss and provide 80% noise reduction.

Choose traditional or heritage, and you can be sure to find a secondary glazing solution to suit your home. Horizontal sliding secondary glazing, vertical sliding secondary glazing, hinged secondary glazing, fixed secondary glazing, lift-out secondary glazing or bespoke secondary glazing.

Face Fix and Reveal Fix

Secondary glazing can be installed using either reveal fixing or face fixing. Each installation type will increase either the thermal or acoustic performance of your home. It is advised to have your secondary glazing installation done by a professional to ensure you receive the following benefits.

Face fix is recommended to increase thermal performance and should be installed no more than 80mm away from the primary window. This is installed to the internal facing of your primary window, no more than 80mm away.

Reveal fix achieves optimum, acoustic performance. We recommend acoustic glass where the secondary glazing is installed with a 150mm to 200mm air cavity glass to glass. This secondary glazing option is installed within the window reveal to enhance acoustic performances up to 80%.

Internal Secondary Glazing

Benefits of Secondary Glazing Installation

Noise Reduction

Installing secondary glazing can help to prevent exterior noise pollution such as passing traffic or trains from being a nuisance. Install a 6.8mm acoustic glass with the secondary glazed units with an air cavity of 150mm to 200mm glass to glass.

Thermal Performance

Secondary glazing installations will decrease heat loss through your primary window by 65% – we advise the 6.4mm low E glass. The low-E glass has a transparent coating that is thinner than a human hair, explicitly designed to reflect heat into your home.

Increased Security

Secondary glazing can’t be opened from outside – so it adds an extra barrier of safety to your home. This glazing offers an affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to protect your home further should an attempt to break the window happens.

Stop Condensation

Installed with a trickle vent that minimises condensation. Well fitted, secondary windows provide a completely secure and sealed solution to stop condensation from occurring. Protecting the window from condensation, while retaining insulation.

The Benefit of the Subframe

Granada secondary glazing is manufactured and supplied with a timber subframe. The wooden subframe acts as a thermal barrier to prevent the cold from the fabric of the building onto the aluminium. This further helps reduce condensation, as the temperature of the building fabric does not cool the temperature of the aluminium frame and glass.

Conservation Areas

Secondary glazing can often be installed within conservation areas, Grade one and two listed buildings. These styles of buildings often have regulations for replacing windows with traditional double glazing. This makes secondary glazing installation a popular choice among homeowners.

As listed buildings and conservation areas have regulations for replacing windows, it is often advised to get a building consent for the installation of secondary glazing. The English Heritage regularly recommends the secondary glazing installation as opposed to double glazing.

Secondary Glazing Installation Costs

Secondary Glazing Installation Cost

Secondary glazing installation is a worthwhile investment in your home. Secondary glazing can provide your home with the perfect solution to your home’s needs. While maintaining your properties appearance, character and value.

Start the journey to reduce your household bills and increase its thermal efficiency by installing secondary glazing. Start your free online secondary glazing installation quote today. Alternatively, contact us via our online contact form.

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Secondary Glazing FAQs

Can you Install Secondary Glazing yourself?

A skilled tradesperson can install secondary glazing within 1 hour. Our products are supplied as standard with a hardwood subframe. The subframe serves two purposes; It enhances the rigidity of the aluminium window for ease of installation and acts as a thermal barrier between the fabric of the building and aluminium window frame. Installation and finishing videos can be viewed by clicking here.

What is DIY Secondary Glazing?

Secondary DIY Glazing kits are available in a wide range of colours and styles. You can use these kits, which accommodate any size window, and can be installed in less than an hour.

Can you Install Secondary Glazing into a Listed-Building?

Secondary Glazing is an excellent way of improving the performance of your property. If you live or own a Listed Building you must be careful about enhancing and changing the external aesthetics of your property. Installing Secondary Glazing does not make any changes to the external appearance of your home. The second window simply sits on the inside of the frame, creating a second barrier to the outside.

Can you put Secondary Glazing in a Grade II Listed Building?

Secondary glazing is often installed within conservation areas, Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Its unique benefits include increasing acoustic and thermal performance, thus making it a popular choice within the heritage market. English Heritage advises the installation of secondary glazing, as the installation process doesn’t change the original fabric of the building.

Do you need Listed Building Consent for Secondary Glazing?

Yes, you do! Normally Listed Building Consent is not granted for windows and doors, but as Secondary Glazing sits on the inside of the existing window, it is normally allowed. We recommend you check with your local Listed Building council, and ensure you submit the correct paperwork when making house alterations.

How much is Secondary Glazing?

The price of Secondary Glazing can vary, depending on the size and style of your Secondary Glazing. You can have a look at our online quote engine to get an instant Secondary Glazing quote that is bespoke to you and your home.

How can I get a Secondary Glazing Price?

You can use our free online design tool to design your perfect Secondary Glazing and get a quick and instant quote in return! A quick and simple way to get a Secondary Glazing quote.

How Much will it Cost me to get Secondary Glazing?

You can use our free online Secondary Glazing design tool to create the perfect windows for your home and get an instant Secondary Glazing cost in return. Or, you can get in touch with our expert team here at Granada Secondary Glazing, are on hand to help you with all your cost and price queries.

What is Fixed Secondary Glazing?

Fixed Secondary Glazing is an independent window that is fitted onto the internal side of your existing window frame. This creates a second barrier between your home and the outside, helping to enhance noise reduction, thermal efficiency and security of your home.

Why add Fixed Secondary Glazing into your home?

When you install Fixed Secondary Glazing into your home, you get an elegant, slimline addition for your property. The external appearance of your home is not altered, but the internal aesthetics are greatly enhanced. The performance of your home is too!

Can I add Fixed Secondary Glazing to a Fire Escape Window?

No, a Fixed Secondary Glazing panel means you cannot have access to the original, existing window. This means that you cannot installed Fixed Secondary Glazing panels to your designated fire escape. This would also not comply with Building Regulations.