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Horizontal Slider

Horizontal Sliders

A slim and versatile horizontal sliding system Get a Quote

Horizontal sliders provide easy access for cleaning and ventilation, they are suitable for treating most window types. Available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 sliding sashes (panels).

Multiple, individual, sliding secondary double glazing panels set in an outer frame.

The individual secondary double glazing panels slide smoothly from side to side on brass rollers to allow access to the primary windows for ventilation.

Each individual secondary glazing panel can be lifted up into the top of the outer frame and then swung inwards to facilitate removal.

This allows access for cleaning and maintenance of the secondary double glazing.

Panel options

Two Panel Horizontal

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Three Panel Horizontal

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Three Panel Centre

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Four Panel Horizontal

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Five Panel Horizontal

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Clear benefits

65% reduced heat loss

Using 4mm toughened Low E glazing, with 80mm glass-to-glass optimum U Value: 1.868 W/m2K.

80% noise reduction

Using 6.4mm acoustic laminate glazing, with 200mm glass-to-glass optimum Noise Reduction: 52dB (Rw).

Maximum frame sizes

Traditional range

SS22 Pane2,400mm2,000mm
CO33 Pane3,600mm2,000mm
SS33 Pane3,600mm2,000mm
SS44 Pane4,900mm2,000mm
SS55 Pane4,9001,800mm
Sizes based on 4mm glass

Heritage range

HSS22 Pane3,200mm2,700mm
HCO33 Pane4,900mm2,700mm
HSS33 Pane4,900mm2,700mm
HSS44 Pane4,900mm2,700mm
HSS55 Pane4,900mm2,700mm
Sizes based on 4mm glass

Horizontal Sliders

Features & Options

5 Year Warranty

All windows come with a five year warranty on frames and glazing.


Our local partners can deliver and install at your convenience.

RAL colours

Aluminium frames can be finished in the full range of RAL colours.

Glazing can be specified from 4 - 8.8mm, to meet thermal and acoustic demands.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is made simple with easy to lift out panels.


Windows can be face-fixed or reveal-fixed, to suit your preference.

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