How to Insulate Windows for Winter

The good news is, it can be quite easy to insulate your windows for winter with Secondary Glazing. If you want to keep your home warm, one of the first questions you'd be asking is 'How to insulate windows for winter?'. Windows and doors can let out the heat from your...

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What is Secondary Glazing?

So what is secondary glazing? It is an incredibly versatile form of glass that is engineered to improve performance and is frequently regarded as a viable alternative to standard double glazing. If you’ve not encountered the term before, you may be wondering what...

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The FIT SHOW 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are returning to the FIT Show. “Think Big” is this year Fit Show motto, and at Granada Glazing we have done just that. It is cliche to say “this show is going to be bigger and better” but for Granada Glazing this is the case. We have doubled our stand space, 48 square meters to be exact, and have some surprises in store.

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