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Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Granada is a specialist designer, manufacturer and installer of aluminium secondary glazing. Our discreet internal windows keep the heat in and the noise out.

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Product Range

Our comprehensive product range complements almost any style of window.
Everything is manufactured in the UK, and made to measure for each customer.

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Product Range

There are plenty of clear reasons to consider our secondary glazing:

  • Warmer. Our windows can eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss by up to 65 percent.

  • Quieter. Independent tests have proven our windows to reduce noise levels by up to 54dB.

  • Clearer. Secondary glazing provides a complete internal seal and helps to tackle condensation.

  • Safer. Tough aluminium frames are securely fixed, making them difficult to open from the outside.

  • Simpler. It can be retrofitted to virtually any building and window type, with little mess or intrusion.

  • Value. Installation is quick and simple, plus secondary glazing is less expensive than most primary systems.

Further Information

Can I use secondary glazing for listed buildings?

Organisations such as English Heritage and Historic Scotland have the responsibility for managing our historic environment, advising local planning departments on matters that affect listed buildings and conservation areas.

Fortunately, most conservation professionals recognise that our historic buildings must be adapted for modern living. Given their heritage, many of these properties house windows that are cold and draughty, and provide poor acoustic performance – issues can be resolved with the careful addition of secondary glazing for listed buildings.

Listed building consent

Any renovation work to a listed building will require Listed Building Consent, whilst work in a Conservation Area must receive approval from your local Conservation Officer. This is a legal requirement in either case.

However, many conservation officers welcome the use of secondary glazing for listed buildings, due to it being widely accepted as a "reversible adaptation" and can be removed at a later date with minimal impact to the original fabric of the building.

Heritage and listed buildings

"Listed Building" is a widely used status, applied to around half a million buildings in the UK. There are three levels of listing, selected for special architectural, historical or cultural significance. Over the past 20 years, we've had the great pleasure of helping to restore some of these national treasures, from the Category A listed Stirling Castle to the Grade I listed buildings of Oxford University.

We offer a comprehensive range of frame styles and colours, enabling the most sympathetic of designs. The perfect fitting of your new windows and respect for your property are among our highest priorities, and we provide full after sales service.

Introducing a second barrier enhances security, plus it allows balanced ventilation within the window reveal cavity, helping to reduce condensation.

Secondary glazing eliminates draughts and can improve the thermal performance of an existing single glazed window by up to 60%. The transmission of noise through a window can also be reduced by up to 80% (54dB).