So what is secondary glazing? It is an incredibly versatile form of glass that is engineered to improve performance and is frequently regarded as a viable alternative to standard double glazing. If you’ve not encountered the term before, you may be wondering what secondary double glazing is and why you should consider using it.

How does secondary glazing work? It is a discreet internal window that can be added to one that is single or double glazed. Secondary glazing is suitable for almost any type of property – but is often used in heritage buildings, as it does not disrupt the aesthetic appearance of a building’s architecture.

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Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Better Thermal Performance

Improved thermal performance comes as standard with secondary glazing. This mimimises heat transfer and produces a low U-value score that means your interior space won’t be at risk from condensation-related problems that might otherwise be caused by gaps in old or poorly installed double glazing.

Secondary glazing is a perfect choice in cases where property or commercial building is extremely cold. It instantly transforms the environment it is built on to so that it can once again be used for its intended purpose. Contact Granada for more information about its thermal benefits.

Improved Market Value

If you want to improve the market value of your property, secondary glazing will help you achieve your objective. Apart from the fact it looks stunning, it will make your building comfortable and secure. Prospective buyers will be drawn to the many advantages of your secondary glazing and feel more included to buy.

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How Does Secondary Glazing Work?

Secondary glazing is a slimline discreet window that is installed to the interior side of a room. To achieve the optimum thermal performance, it’s recommended that the secondary glazed unit is installed with an air cavity of up to 80mm glass to glass. Correctly installed secondary glazing creates a seal preventing warm air escaping and cold air entering a room.

Secondary Glazing: Your Glass Options

Different glass thicknesses, laminations and coatings are available and can be tailored to your requirements. For thermal applications, Granada Glazing advises the installation of a Low-E glass, which is energy efficient and designed to prevent heat from escaping. It has an invisible coating which substantially reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room.

Box Sash Windows with Secondary Glazing

Many styles of secondary glazing are available that can match the functionality and aesthetics of all primary windows. Traditional sliding box sash windows often require a vertical sliding secondary glazed unit.

This style of the product allows users to simply slide the sash upwards to gain access to the primary window for cleaning and maintenance. The box sash style is easy to operate and will complement your secondary glazing.

A tilt in balanced vertical slider can be installed, which matches the functionality of the balanced vertical slider. The sliding panels can tilt inwards allowing a secure ventilation position for the summer months.

Installing Large Windows with Secondary Glazing

Granada Glazing manufacture windows in-house, this ensures the highest quality where every secondary glazed unit is made to measure. The units are made from durable aluminium and can be powder coated in over 200 RAL colours to suit all tastes and preferences.

Granada’s secondary glazing can match the size of all windows where it’s possible to couple and stack our secondary glazed units for the largest of windows. You won’t be limited in choice when browsing our extensive portfolio of secondary double glazing for your business or home.

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Enjoy Peace and Security When You Choose Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing possesses superb acoustic-cancelling properties. It won’t block out all noise but will keep up to 80% of it at bay. If you live in a busy area – near a school or busy intersection, for example – this glazing will be an essential addition to your property.

Keeping your property safe is one of your top priorities. You want windows that will prevent most intruders from gaining access. Secondary glazing does not require external access, so you’ll be able to take comfort from the fact that your property is much better protected.

Secondary Glazing Prices

Granada tailors its secondary glazing to suit the needs of each project it works on. Our team will work with you consultatively to identify your design requirements at the very beginning and maintain an open dialogue with you at each stage of the process.

If you have a question about our secondary glazing and would like to talk to an experienced member of our team, please call Granada on 0845 900 3899 or send us a message. For a guideline secondary double glazing quote, please use our free online tool and answer a few questions.