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Secondary Glazing for Hotels – Good Night Guarantee

Nov 27, 2017 | Architects & Commercial, Hotel, Hotels & Leisure, Trade Partners |

A national hotel chain has installed Granada’s acoustic secondary glazing to guarantee a good night’s sleep and decrease noise levels by up to 54 decibels.

As traffic on the UK’s roads increases so does the number of complaints hotels receive from guests unable to have a peaceful night’s sleep. To achieve optimum acoustic performance Granada Glazing recommends an air cavity of between 150mm – 200mm glass to glass. This teamed with an acoustic glass will yield a noise reduction of up to 54 decibels turning the noise of a diesel bus into a whisper.

An acoustic trickle vent (pictured below) can be installed, where when open aids the natural ventilation of air between the primary window and secondary glazed unit. This trickle vent can decrease the level of condensation while blocking noise which passes through the primary window.

The installation of secondary glazing can also decrease energy consumption leading to warmer rooms and lower energy bills. As secondary glazing acts as an extra barrier, it will prevent warm air escaping and cold draughts breaching the primary window.

Pictured above is a horizontal slider (SS2), this product was specified as it gives easy access to the primary window for cleaning. If any maintenance is required each panel can be lifted out to give full access to the primary window.

As secondary glazing retains warmth and decreases noise, it is a popular choice to enhance hotels and leisure facilities. Mike Latham Granada commercial director notes “Modern secondary glazing is slimline and discreet, over the last few years performance and function has significantly increased. At Granada Glazing we pay close attention to the acoustic performance of our secondary glazed units and often partner with architects and specifiers to ensure optimum performance is achieved. We supply several glass types which have been specifically selected to enhance acoustic, thermal or security performance and will advise and design a system that suitable for the application.”

Granada Glazing powder coat, arch frames and fabricate in-house ensuring short lead times and optimum quality. Our Secondary Glazed units are available in over 200 RAL colours. For more information regarding the acoustic performance of Granada’s secondary glazing, please speak with us directly by telephoning 01909 499 899.

Installer: Granada Glazing Trade Partner
Products: Horizontal Sliding SS2 Unit

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