Restoring sash windows is possible when you install secondary glazing for them. That’s because secondary glazing doesn’t replace your window – instead, it preserves it. The design goes over the top of your old window in a made-to-measure fit. Because of this, you can preserve its authentic look, but add strength and performance to the build.

Sash windows are beautiful to look at, but their style is fragile. If they have timber frames, for example, then they might not be weatherproof. That means they could crack, twist or weaken over time, making your window more likely to fail. Additionally, old windows are likely to use thin single-glazed glass, which doesn’t offer a lot of insulation.

However, replacing your windows might not be the right move, even if they’re underperforming. You’ll have to remove a focal point of your home, replacing it with an imitation. Additionally, replacing a window can take a lot of time, meaning your home becomes a building site for longer.

With secondary glazing, the process is more simple. The new design fits seamlessly around your old one and takes less time to install. Not only that, but secondary glazing performs better than a replacement window with double glazing in many cases! That way, you could make a better, less stressful investment, restoring your sash windows in the process.

restoring sash windows with secondary glazing

The Benefits of Restoring Sash Windows

Secondary glazing is the ideal choice for restoring sash windows. And, by doing that, you can keep the classic charm of your home. Sash windows sit flush within the frame, creating a sleek design that stands out anywhere. With new secondary glazing, you can protect it with a new window that matches its shape but updates its strengths.

For example, you’ll get slimline aluminium frames with an authentic woodgrain finish. That way, you’ll get gorgeous views of the outside world, and you’ll let more natural light into your home. The glazing in the design is also energy efficient, working with the aluminium to improve your home’s insulation.

The space in between your old window and your new one is similar to double glazing. However, that space is bigger, meaning there’ll be more distance for cold air to travel. That way, it won’t affect your home nearly as much, and you won’t cause any damage to your old windows. Because of this, you can save money on your energy bills, and for years to come too!

sash windows secondary glazing

Restoring The Security of Sash Windows

By restoring your sash windows, you can get peace of mind in your home. That’s because, with older designs, wind and rain could cause them to weaken. As a result, the window becomes more fragile, the locks inside rust and the whole design becomes more vulnerable to intruders. However, secondary glazing is a highly secure investment for your home.

It’ll protect your charming sash windows with the latest security hardware. If somebody should try and enter your home through it, they’ll find multi-point locking systems that stop them from separating the glazing from the frame. Additionally, you can benefit from aluminium frames that have exceptional strength and durability.

Secondary glazing can secure your old sash windows for decades. That’s because the design uses durable materials in every corner. Advanced double glazing can keep its performance for years to come, and the frames don’t need maintenance either! As a result, you’ll be restoring the look of your sash windows and the performance of your home.

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Restoring Sash Windows with Granada Secondary Glazing

Restoring sash windows can help you keep the charm of a classic home. However, with Granada, you’ll do far more than maintain these windows – you’ll transform them. At Granada, we create leading secondary glazing designs that are made-to-measure for windows. Because of this, you get total protection for your windows, along with brilliant performance.

If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you’ll be able to install secondary glazing. Because our units seamlessly match the windows you already have in your home, planning authorities are much more likely to allow the work. That way, you can enjoy your classic space without feeling stuck in the past.

With Granada, you can get secondary glazing without stress too. We have a fully qualified installation team that can visit your home on your schedule and provide a bespoke installation. We’ll try and disrupt your life as little as we can, and we test each part of our units to make sure they work their best. Due to this, restoring your sash windows with Granada could be an invaluable investment.

Restoring Sash Windows with Secondary Glazing Prices

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