Granada Grows CPD Seminar Programme

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 Dinnington-based Granada Secondary Glazing is growing its 2016 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar programme to reflect the latest developments in the secondary glazing market. Granada works with architects across the UK...

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A Quieter, Noisy World

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 No, it’s not just a sign of your advancing years; it really is becoming a noisier world. Wind turbines, emergency vehicles, in-car sound systems, home delivery vehicles... the modern world has been getting progressively noisier, as...

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The Acoustician Has Left The Building

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 Acoustics is something you may be more likely to associate with a rock star rather than a glazing company, but the science of sound has a vital role to play in the work we do, and you might say acousticians are the support act to our...

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Challenges For Academies

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 The Prime Minister’s desire to convert all schools into academies will not have come as a surprise to many observers. The trend towards ‘self-governing’ schools has been well established, stretching back to Tony Blair’s administration...

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From Past To Present

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 As more and more people fall in love with the romance of buying and renovating a listed property, so is the increasing need for expert support and advice, with customers seeking the right help at the right price. TV programmes such as,...

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Partnering Up

Call us today on: 0845 900 3899 Granada, the UK's leading independent secondary glazing business, is establishing its own approved partners programme. The scheme is open to professional installers, specifiers and trade partners who wish to take advantage of a number...

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