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Jun 14, 2016 | Home Owners, Trade Partners |

“The condensation issues that I’ve been putting up with for 28 years have finally been resolved. You can’t fail to notice the noise reduction either — our new secondary glazing provides a feeling of quiet and calmness.” Diane Hale, Homeowner

Sheffield resident Diane Hale found the house of her dreams almost 30 years ago. Her 5-bedroom property has stood the test of time, but window condensation had been a continual problem. A simple answer was found by combining lift-out windows with horizontal sliders. The introduction of these secondary glazing products proved much cheaper than an expensive re-fit, whilst a discrete face-fix ensured a smooth, unobtrusive finish. Although chosen with the specific condensation issue in mind, acoustic and thermal properties were a superb addition.

Products: Horizontal Slider, Lift-Out

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