Do You Have to Clean Secondary Glazing?

You rarely have to clean secondary glazing. That’s because options like these are incredibly durable, and use materials that don’t wear for years. However, if you do maintain them, you can improve their lifespan even further.

Also, you’ll be able to ensure that you protect the old window underneath, which could be more prone to harm. As a result, cleaning secondary glazing doesn’t take a long time, but the effect can be enormous.

That makes it useful for homeowners to know how to clean their secondary glazing. Fortunately, the process isn’t complicated, especially when it comes to Granada’s leading designs.

Our designs are durable, long-lasting and don’t need regular cleaning. Also, our units use lubrication as standard, meaning you won’t have to waste time applying it to the window. All you’ll need for cleaning is a damp cloth and a few minutes.

However, some maintenance can be a little tricker. For this, you’ll have to take the panels out and clean them individually, which can take more time. But you won’t need to hire anybody to do this cleaning for you.

Granada’s glazing is easy to take apart and put back together, thanks to our slider options. You’ll be able to slide the glazing out of its frames and back in with ease, and some models come with a tilt feature for even simpler cleaning.

Because of this, you won’t struggle to clean secondary glazing. Also, the benefits of doing it are massive. You’ll be able to improve the lifespan of your window by years, meaning you can get more continued performance.

Not only that, but you can protect the primary window more effectively from the weather. Granada’s secondary glazing, then, is a superb investment if you want to enhance your home, and to save time on cleaning as well.

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Why Should I Clean Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing can perform without regular cleaning. But, if you do clean it, you can make sure it continues to excel. After a while, the design can begin to weaken. That’s because, over time, the uPVC or aluminium frame can start to warp or bend, creating gaps in your glazing.

As a result, cold air can get into your home more quickly. However, perhaps more worryingly, wind and rain can affect your primary window, causing it to lose its shape.

Also, the accumulation of marks and dirt can lead to your glazing blocking out light, affecting the warmth you’ll feel inside your home. Not only that, but you may also block the views you’ll get from your living space. As a result, your home could feel less comfortable and more closed off.

Because of all this, you may grow colder inside your living space, and you could have to use your central heating more to make up the difference.

The domino effect can be quick if you don’t clean secondary glazing after a while. But you won’t have to tend to your windows every day, or even every month.

If you clean the windows a few times a year, and you perform a more extensive clean once or twice, then you’ll ensure they continue to enhance your home. That way, your secondary glazing unit could perform for over 40 years, and perhaps even for a lifetime.

How Do I Clean Secondary Glazing?

It’s straightforward to clean Granada secondary glazing. Firstly, it’s wise to know what not to use to wipe the windows down. Try to avoid any abrasive materials, such as nylon pads and wire wool, and also make sure you don’t use cleaning agents that are too acidic or alkaline.

A damp cloth and a neutral detergent will be all you need. To remove any dust, dirt and muck from the frame, you can either use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush for more sensitive areas.

If you take the glazing out of its frame, then you can also clean the tracks. Dirt can get into the sliders over time and collect, meaning that cleaning them every so often can be very helpful.

Again, use a vacuum to get the majority out, and a soft brush to dislodge any dirt that isn’t going away as quickly. Then, when you clean the glass, wash it down with a non-alkaline detergent, such as washing up liquid, and rinse it with water.

When you take the glazing panels out of their sliders, its crucial to be careful too. Glazing panels weigh more than you may realise, so it’s usually wise to work with somebody else to remove them. For fixed units, you should carefully unscrew the panels, first from the bottom, then the sides, then the top.

However, with Granada’s sliding units, you’ll only need to release the locks, catchers and restrictors, before carefully lifting the panel outwards.

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How Often Do I Need to Clean Secondary Glazing?

The best thing about cleaning secondary glazing is how little you’ll have to do it. You may not even have to clean your windows at all. Granada’s systems use a robust aluminium frame, which has superb durability.

The material is weatherproof, meaning that wind and rain won’t affect it. Not only that, but it protects a lot of the hardware in your window from wear and tear. That means dirt will also struggle to get into it, keeping the window cleaner.

However, cleaning it can help the window to continue to perform. While aluminium can last for up to 40 years, even without maintenance, a few cleans could help it last a lifetime.

But cleaning it too regularly won’t be worth it, and you’ll spend much more time on it than you need to. Secondary glazing is durable in itself, and it can help keep your primary windows much cleaner as well.

A good rule of thumb is to try to clean your secondary glazing about once a month. Even then, you’ll only have to wipe it down to prevent dirt and stains from sticking to the window, causing further problems. For more extensive work, you could get away with only doing it once every year.

As you might need some help from a friend, and it could take a few hours, you’ll need to set aside a day to complete the job. However, once you’ve done it, your window will be in a much better place.

Will I Need Specialist Equipment to Clean Secondary Glazing?

You won’t need any special tools to clean your secondary glazing. If you have an ordinary toolkit, you should already have all you need to perform even the most extensive maintenance on your windows.

Of course, if they should break, crack or damage more noticeably, then its best to hire someone to repair the windows anyway. But that’s why investing in Granada’s units is so helpful – our secondary glazing comes with a five-year warranty!

This warranty is better than most of our competitors can offer you. You’ll also get a two-year guarantee on moving parts as well, meaning we’ll fix and replace any issues with the sliders, handles and more for 24 months.

That means you can invest in our secondary glazing in complete confidence that it won’t let you down. We only use hardware that meets British Standards regulations too, meaning you can be sure we’ll fit you with robust designs.

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Is it Easier to Clean Secondary Glazing than Double Glazing?

When you invest in secondary glazing, you won’t only get a durable new internal window. You’ll also make your old window more durable too. As a result, it’ll be more comfortable to clean, as there’ll be far less chance of dirt and rain affecting its shape.

If you decide to replace your window or add double glazing to the design, then it’s still just as prone to the elements as it was before. Because of this, dirt and muck can again stain the window regularly.

With secondary glazing, you’ll shield your primary window from harm. But, also, you’ll have another layer of protection which is also straightforward to clean and maintain. With a simple double glazing installation, you won’t get a new frame.

That means if your old window uses timber, you’ll have to keep repainting and revarnishing it too. You’ll never have to repaint your secondary glazing, and you can fit it with one of 200 RAL colours that won’t fade over time.

Get a free quote from Granada, and you can find out how much secondary glazing can benefit you. You’ll be able to choose and customise various aspects of the design, from how it fits inside your home to the colours of the frames.

Also, you can tell us your precise window measurements, and we’ll ensure your new secondary glazing is made-to-measure. That way, there’ll be fewer gaps in the design, protecting your home from rain and dirt, and making the cleaning even more straightforward.

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