Is double glazing or secondary glazing the better option to prevent condensation? Both of them can reduce the risk of it building up in your home. However, a lot of why it builds up is to do with space. In a unit of double glazing, you get a small pocket of air in between two panes of glass.

While this reduces the amount of cold air that can travel into your home, colliding with warmer surfaces to create the mist, it can still get there. Condensation can develop quickly in many windows because of the lack of space between cold air and warm air. When these temperatures collide, a mist emerges, and the difference in temperatures could put a strain on double glazing over time.

However, with secondary glazing, you get a new window for your old window. Most of the time, secondary glazing puts more space between the warmth of your home and the cold of the outdoors. As a result, there’s less chance for condensation to develop on your windows, and you can preserve them for longer.

Also, with secondary glazing, you can prevent more than just condensation. You can prevent your old windows from losing energy for your home, without sacrificing the style of it. Not only that, but you can match the secondary glazing unit to your existing window for a seamless, air-tight fit. And, with Granada Secondary Glazing, you’ll prevent condensation even more.

double glazing vs secondary glazing to prevent condensation

Why Should I Prevent Condensation?

Secondary glazing can prevent condensation. However, that means you’ll be able to prevent another series of issues. When condensation develops in your home, it can block out natural light from entering your home. Because of this, your living space could get colder, meaning you end up using more energy and spending more on bills.

Condensation also weakens the glass in the design if left unchecked. As a result, your window could be more prone to cracking under thermal pressure. When two contrasting temperatures collide at either end of the glass, the difference can cause it to shatter, leaving your home out in the cold.

Condensation can also lead to health problems over time. Condensation causes dampness, which can spread around the window. If your window has wooden or plastic frames, then those damp spots can turn into harmful black mould. Black mould is harmful to breathe in, meaning it could be a health risk. However, there is a way to stop condensation in its tracks.

double glazing vs secondary glazing

Secondary Glazing To Prevent Condensation

Secondary glazing has a series of benefits that prevent condensation. For a start, the new window works with your old one to act as a more robust version of double glazing. That way, your home can benefit from increased insulation, reducing the risk of cold air passing into your home. As a result, you can prevent condensation before it can develop.

Another benefit of that is that your home might become less humid. If you have underperforming windows, using your central heating to stay warm can cause the air inside your home to become sticky. It’s even worse if you don’t open your windows, as this makes the air stale. With secondary glazing, you’ll be warm enough to open your windows up, heating your home more naturally.

Secondary glazing is also useful for rooms at risk of condensation. For example, your bathroom can often be a cause of it, especially if you take hot showers. The heat and dampness that comes from them allow condensation to develop more easily. With secondary glazing, though, you’ll reduce the risk, meaning you can prevent a lot of damage to your windows.

granada secondary glazing to prevent condensation

Prevent Condensation With Granada Secondary Glazing

At Granada, we provide secondary glazing designed to prevent condensation and so much more. With one of our windows, you can protect the classic style of your home. You won’t have to replace your old windows – instead, you’ll improve them, making them more energy efficient, secure and reliable.

Our secondary glazing units are bespoke to your home, fitting made-to-measure. Because of this, there’ll be no gaps for cold air to enter your living space, making you uncomfortable or creating condensation. You’ll benefit from a warmer home from the first day of installation, helping you stay warm without relying on your central heating and saving you money on bills.

Also, we can help to prevent condensation for your business. If you’re a commercial client, get in touch with Granada today to find out how we can help your space stay comfortable. With our secondary glazing, you’ll feel more in control of your living space. And, with less condensation to deal with, you can spend more time enjoying your old windows rather than worrying about them.

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