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Didsbury House Hotel – Manchester

Nov 23, 2018 | Architects & Commercial, Heritage & Listed Buildings, Hotel, Hotels & Leisure |

Situated four miles away from busy Manchester airport and the M60, Didsbury House Hotel requested the installation of acoustic secondary glazing to drastically decrease noise levels.

This Victorian villa features 27 luxurious bedrooms and is often used as an exclusive wedding venue. Didsbury House Hotel has a unique and vintage style. It was important that the slimline secondary glazing blended seamlessly into the aesthetic and maintained the character and charm of the building.

Due to its proximity to Manchester Airport, Granada Glazing recommended the installation of 8.8mm acoustic laminate glass. This glass specification teamed with Granada’s machine engineered aluminium frames can reduce noise levels by up to 80% which is the equivalent of 54dB.

For optimum sound insulation, Granada Glazing advises that the secondary glazing is installed with an air cavity of 150mm to 200mm glass to glass. Varying glass thickness in the primary window and secondary glazed unit can also reduce noise levels as this decreases the amount of acoustic resonance.

Acoustic laminated glass offers exceptional acoustic performance without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. Sandwiched between two 4mm glass panes is a 0.8mm acoustic PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). Cars, trains and planes often emit low-frequency noise which can be challenging to block. Acoustic laminated glass is designed to reflect sound waves where the PVB acoustic layer absorbs the sound. Granada Glazing often recommends the installation of acoustic glass as it offers a lightweight acoustic solution.

Products Installed:
Hinged Casements

Hinged Casement

horizontal slider

Horizontal Sliders

Lift Out Windows

To match the function of the primary windows Granada Glazing manufactured a range of heritage hinged units, heritage lift outs and horizontal sliding units.

Hinged units are often specified where access to the primary window is required for both cleaning and maintenance. Hinged units operate on a hinge that can be manufactured on the left, right or top of the frame. They simply open where the hinge supports the panel and allows the unit to remain open at a given position.

Horizontal sliders are amongst one of Granada Glazing’s most popular products. As with all windows Granada Glazing manufacture panels to a given or specified size, this ensures they match the sight-lines of the original primary window making the secondary glazing as discreet as possible. For longevity and durability, horizontal sliders roll smoothly on an aluminium track, brass rollers are fixed under each panel to give a smooth and quiet operation. For full access to the primary window, the individual panels can be lifted out of the frame.

Lift outs are usually used where access to the primary window is infrequently required. They can simply be lifted out of the frame to give full access to the primary window for cleaning and maintenance. All of Granada’s product range can be stacked or coupled with other windows to match the configuration of the primary window.

The installation of secondary glazing is a cost-effective and efficient way to insulate and soundproof windows. It can decrease heat loss by as much as 60%, reducing a buildings carbon footprint and energy bills. Secondary glazing is often found in hotel rooms as the installation offers the most optimum noise performance, it gives hotel guests a peaceful nights sleep while keeping rooms warm.


Products: Heritage Hinged Units, Heritage Lift Outs & Horizontal Sliding Units specified with 8.8mm Acoustic Laminate Glass

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