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Homeowner Case Studies

Secondary glazing changing people’s lives

The need to reduce noise levels is a particular concern for homeowners living near busy roads, railways or in city centres. Here Granada’s secondary glazing systems can deliver the optimum solutions that contribute to quieter, warmer and more comfortable buildings.

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Secondary Glazing Noise Insulation – M62 Case Study

Living near a busy road or a noisy motorway can face many challenges, the hardest one to overcome is blocking noise entering your home. Cars and heavy goods vehicles are capable of emitting over 85 decibels which can be detrimental to health.

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Cold Bay Window

Timber windows give a property, charm and character. Over time they can leak vital heat, for the winter months, this can cause a room to feel cold and also increase energy bills.

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Lyndhurst Road, Sheffield

“The condensation issues that I’ve been putting up with for 28 years have finally been resolved. You can’t fail to notice the noise reduction either — our new secondary glazing provides a feeling of quiet and calmness.” Diane Hale, Homeowner

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The Jones Family

When Paul Jones, who has worked as a trimmer in Granada’s workshop for two years, realised his family could benefit from secondary glazing in their home, we offered to

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