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Homeowner Case Studies

How Long Will Secondary Glazing Last?

Here at Granada Glazing, our aluminium secondary glazing is designed to improve the performance of your property while maintaining its traditional aesthetics, so you’ll enjoy your authentic style without compromise. We’re keen to ensure our valued customers know that...

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Will Secondary Glazing Save You Money?

Can Secondary Glazing Save You Money? Will secondary glazing save you money? If you invest in Granada's leading glazing, you'll stand a much better chance. Secondary glazing can transform any home, improve its security, and even make it feel quieter. When you invest...

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Does Secondary Glazing Add Value?

Secondary glazing can add an enormous amount of value to your home. If you have a traditional home that you feel is underperforming, you may want to consider investing in new glazing options in order to increase its value. This will help it to become more attractive...

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How to Clean Secondary Glazing

Do You Have to Clean Secondary Glazing? You rarely have to clean secondary glazing. That's because options like these are incredibly durable, and use materials that don't wear for years. However, if you do maintain them, you can improve their lifespan even further....

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Heritage Windows

Heritage Windows Do you have heritage windows in your home? If so, then you may want to protect them. Your old windows may have gorgeous designs and timeless quality, but their lifespan doesn't extend into forever. That's because windows in traditional homes often use...

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Secondary glazing changing people’s lives

The need to reduce noise levels is a particular concern for homeowners living near busy roads, railways or in city centres. Here Granada’s secondary glazing systems can deliver the optimum solutions that contribute to quieter, warmer and more comfortable buildings.

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