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Homeowner Case Studies

Restoring Sash Windows with Secondary Glazing

Restoring sash windows is possible when you install secondary glazing for them. That's because secondary glazing doesn't replace your window - instead, it preserves it. The design goes over the top of your old window in a made-to-measure fit. Because of this, you can...

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How To Fit Secondary Glazing

How do you fit secondary glazing? It's a question many homeowners ask if they're looking to enhance their living space. That's because, while double glazing could improve your home, it can be quite complicated to fit. You'll have to replace your existing window with a...

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Choose The Right Secondary Glazing Company

How do you choose the right secondary glazing company? Finding them can be a tricky process sometimes. That's because, while there are plenty of companies out there, there aren't many that'll give you a good service for a fair price. Finding one yourself can take up a...

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Best Ways To Reduce Noise From Windows

What are the best ways to reduce noise from windows? If you live in a living space that grows loud when commotion starts outside, then it can be a real distraction. When you try and relax, or even go to sleep, a bit of noise can put you off and stop you enjoying your...

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Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing To Prevent Condensation

Is double glazing or secondary glazing the better option to prevent condensation? Both of them can reduce the risk of it building up in your home. However, a lot of why it builds up is to do with space. In a unit of double glazing, you get a small pocket of air in...

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Best Ways To Stop Draught From Windows

What are the best ways to stop draught from windows? In your home, you might start to feel chilly out of nowhere. Often, it's because your windows are letting through draught, cold wind that can play havoc with your living space. Older windows are more likely to...

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