What are the best ways to stop draught from windows? In your home, you might start to feel chilly out of nowhere. Often, it’s because your windows are letting through draught, cold wind that can play havoc with your living space.

Older windows are more likely to suffer from this, as they have wooden frames that can start to crack over time. Not only that, but the single layer of glass inside these windows doesn’t offer a lot of protection from wind. When the weather turns on you and the winds of winter arrive, you could start to feel it right away. As a result, your old windows might need an update.

However, old timber windows have an authentic, handcrafted quality that is difficult to find anywhere else. Because of this, you might not want to replace them at all. With Granada, you can preserve and protect your stylish old windows, while improving their performance.

That’s through secondary glazing, a brilliant alternative to double glazing which we specialise in making. Secondary glazing acts as another window for your current one, giving you two layers of protection against water, wind and draughts. That way, you can stop draught from your windows, without having to go through the hassle of replacing them.

best ways to stop draught from windows

Stop Draught From Windows With Timber Filler

If you have wooden windows, they might be cracking under pressure. Over time, the weather can damage wooden frames, and leave them with gaps. Water and wind can pass through these gaps, causing them to expand and leaving your living space vulnerable.

When the wind gets up, a draught can emerge quickly. However, one low-cost way to stop draught from your windows is to use timber filler. Timber filler works by filling up those gaps with new material, cutting off the area that a draught can use to enter your home.

However, while it’s low-cost and works quite well, timber filler isn’t a long-term solution. Eventually, new cracks will form, meaning you’re always playing a chasing game. Additionally, that means you’ll have to carry out regular maintenance to check cracks, along with repainting and revarnishing the windows.

Because of this, you could stop draught from developing inside your windows with a lot less hassle. Secondary glazing is fully weatherproof, meaning that the durable aluminium frames it uses won’t lose their shape. That means you’ll be able to rely on your home to keep draughts away.

stop draught from secondary glazing windows

Stop Draught From Windows With New Designs

One way to stop draught from windows, of course, is to replace them entirely. There are plenty of advanced window designs in the market today that prevent draughts from developing inside your home. However, are they the right option for you? For a start, replacing a window can be expensive, as you’ll have to tear the old one out as well.

Additionally, while double glazing is a far more durable option than only one pane of glass, it doesn’t last as long as you might think. Double glazing units only last for ten years on average, meaning you might end up replacing these windows again after a while.

With Granada’s secondary glazing, you can stop draught from developing from your windows for much longer. Secondary glazing is a lasting design, using aluminium frames that could perform at their peak for up to half a century.

Not only that, but you’ll get a layer of toughened glass to protect your old one, meaning you’ll create a stronger window inside your home. And, finally, you won’t have to go through the hassle of removing your old windows. That means you can keep their traditional looks while adding modern performance to the mix.

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How Does Secondary Glazing Stop Draught From Windows?

At Granada, we think secondary glazing should be the first choice for your home. That’s because it’s a durable option that doesn’t mean you have to lose a classic window. Secondary glazing protects from draughts thanks to an air and water-tight design.

When cold air hits the new window, it’ll have no room to pass through, thanks to a durable glass layer and robust aluminium frames that won’t crack or twist. Additionally, your old windows still play a role. Your old window’s glass will still be able to block out more heat, meaning it works with your new window to create a bigger, better thermal barrier for your home.

Because of this, you’ll not only stop draughts from developing in your windows, but you’ll create a warmer home, too. With a secondary glazing unit, you can turn your current window into a double glazed design. However, with more space in between the glass, there’s more space for cold air to travel through, meaning it’s much less likely you’ll feel it.

You won’t lose as much energy from your home either, as the aluminium frames can stop it from escaping. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint, all while saving a classic window design.

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Stop Draught From Windows With Granada Secondary Glazing

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