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Increase Security with Internal Locks

Granada’s secondary glazing can be locked from the room side to enhance security and safety

Tough & Secure Aluminium Frames

Granada’s secondary glazing is made from tough aluminium and can be installed with security glass

Enhance Home Security With Granada Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing acts as an extra barrier for forced entry

Enhanced Security

Frames are made from aluminium and securely fixed
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Unlike single glazed windows, secondary glazing is extremely difficult to open from the outside and provides an additional physical barrier against forced entry.

Windows are often seen as the weak point in building security. Secondary glazing offers an affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to help counter this problem. For homes, the benefits are clear. Unlike single windows, secondary glazing is extremely difficult to open from the outside and provides an additional physical barrier against forced entry. Should attempts be made to attack the secondary glazing, the outer glazing can act as a vibration sensitive alarm, thus offering a warning before an attempt to breach the secondary glazing is made.

Frames are made from tough aluminium and securely fixed to resist forcing. The use of cutting tools are deterred through a sophisticated combination of glass, resin and polycarbonate, whilst the risk from the tampering of locks and catches, or removal of the glass or glazed panels, is also negated.

For commercial properties, vulnerable windows that are easily accessible are prime candidates for secondary glazing. Protection is also recommended against industrial vandalism or theft of artistic or commercial items of value.

Organisations involved in religious, medical or education practices, or those in sensitive areas of research and development, also benefit greatly from the added levels of security.

Inherently Strong Secondary Glazing

When you invest in secure secondary glazing, you’re creating an additional barrier between your home and the outside world. You’ll have a physical obstacle in place between your loved ones and any potential intruders. Enjoy total peace of mind when you invest in secondary glazing to keep your home and your family protected.

Compared to lesser, outdated single glazed windows, secondary glazing is a true enhancement. If you’re worried that your home will be less protected without double or even triple glazing, you don’t have to be concerned. Highly secure secondary glazing is a strong barrier placed between you and any potential intruders.

What’s more, secondary glazing is a more cost-effective way to keep your home secure. For homeowners who are considering updating their existing windows with advanced locking mechanisms, secondary glazing is an excellent alternative. Even without additional locks or security features, the toughened panels are resilient.

Enjoy total peace of mind that your period property or listed building is shielded from potential intruders with secondary glazing’s security features. For a listed home or office, you want to keep it safe and preserved for your own wellbeing as well as the aesthetics and heritage of the property. Secure secondary glazing accomplishes this.

Protect Your Period Property With Secondary Glazing

Burglars are opportunistic. If a property looks like it contains something valuable, they’ll take their chance without considering who they will be hurting. With a heritage property, it often gives the impression that the occupants will have money and therefore will be a worthwhile target for their unpleasant and illegal actions.

If this is a worry for you, secondary glazing is the ideal security solution. Since you aren’t able to use advanced and toughened glazing to replace your authentic windows, you can benefit from the protection afforded to you from an additional panel of glazing.

For many homeowners, burglary is a serious concern. If you’ve already been a victim, we’re sure you’ll understand how traumatising it is and how you would do whatever you can to prevent it. That’s where secondary glazing comes in and stands out from the rest as a quick, simple, cost-effective and wholly effective way to prevent forced entry attempts.

If you’re worried that your period property is at risk from burglary because of its aesthetics, you can enhance its security without compromising its exterior. Our secure secondary glazing is an excellent way to keep you safe without drawing any more attention from the wrong crowd.

Similarly, since secondary glazing is discreet, which is why it is permitted for listed buildings, it does not advertise that there is anything valuable inside. Homeowners can protect their loved ones and belongings without making it obvious that there is something of significant value that needs to be protected.

Discreet secondary glazing affords you the luxury of keeping your home protected without advertising the fact. Therefore, you can enjoy a secure additional barrier between your property and the outside world without you having to notice it either. You can enjoy the seamless aesthetics of your heritage home without compromise as you add a discreet but wholly efficient way of keeping your loved ones and belongings protected.

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Secondary Glazing FAQs

Can you Install Secondary Glazing yourself?

A skilled tradesperson can install secondary glazing within 1 hour. Our products are supplied as standard with a hardwood subframe. The subframe serves two purposes; It enhances the rigidity of the aluminium window for ease of installation and acts as a thermal barrier between the fabric of the building and aluminium window frame. Installation and finishing videos can be viewed by clicking here.

What is DIY Secondary Glazing?

Secondary DIY Glazing kits are available in a wide range of colours and styles. You can use these kits, which accommodate any size window, and can be installed in less than an hour.

How much is Secondary Glazing?

The price of Secondary Glazing can vary, depending on the size and style of your Secondary Glazing. You can have a look at our online quote engine to get an instant Secondary Glazing quote that is bespoke to you and your home.

How can I get a Secondary Glazing Price?

You can use our free online design tool to design your perfect Secondary Glazing and get a quick and instant quote in return! A quick and simple way to get a Secondary Glazing quote.

How Much will it Cost me to get Secondary Glazing?

You can use our free online Secondary Glazing design tool to create the perfect windows for your home and get an instant Secondary Glazing cost in return. Or, you can get in touch with our expert team here at Granada Secondary Glazing, are on hand to help you with all your cost and price queries.

Can you use Secondary Glazing for Crittall Windows?

Crittall Windows are especially well-served by Secondary Glazing. Adding Secondary Glazing can help to tackle draughts and energy inefficiency which are often associated with Crittall style Windows.

Can you use Secondary Glazing for Leaded Windows?

Yes! Secondary Glazing is an excellent option to improve the performance of your existing windows. It is cheaper than getting replacement windows for your existing ones, and when they are installed to a high standard, you can improve the overall energy efficiency of your home too!

Can you have Secondary Glazing for Bow Windows?

Secondary Glazing can be fitted to the internal of any window in your home, including Bow windows! Even with the curving of a Bow window, you can install Secondary Glazing to help improve the performance of your home. This is possible because our Secondary Glazing is fitted as a separate, secondary unit to your existing window.

What is the Difference Between Face Fix and Reveal Fix?

Secondary glazing is installed by either reveal fixing or face fixing each installation type will increase either acoustic or thermal performance. Reveal Fix – To achieve the optimum acoustic performance, we recommend acoustic glass where the secondary glazed unit is installed with a 150mm to 200mm air cavity glass to glass. The secondary glazed unit is installed within the window reveal enhancing acoustic performance by up to 80% (54 dB). Face Fix – Face fixing is recommended to increase thermal performance. The secondary glazed unit should be installed no more than 80mm away from the primary window. It is installed to the internal face of the primary window, and when taking advantage of Low E glass, customers often see up to a 65% decrease in heat loss.

I have Windows in Varying Sizes and Shapes, is Secondary Appropriate?

Granada’s secondary glazed units are manufactured to order in bespoke sizes and colours. We can bend/arch frames in-house to suit any window size, shape or style. As our products are made to order, we can manufacture units that match both transoms and mullions to reduce sightlines and make the secondary glazing even more discreet. For larger windows, typically commercial applications, we can stack or couple single units to achieve the required coverage.

Which Glass Type Should I Choose for my Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is usually specified to combat two main issues; acoustic or thermal performance. In conjunction with the air cavity, the type of glass specified plays a vital role in rectifying your problem. As standard, all of our products are manufactured with 4mm toughened glass for enhanced security and safety. (Please be aware that other secondary glazing providers may supply float glass which is brittle and can be easily broken. If broken, it can leave large dangerous shards, often resulting in injury). Here at Granada, we provide several types of glass, ranging from different thicknesses to different coatings. Each type of glass has specifically been designed and selected for optimum performance. Sound – Selecting the correct glass and installing the secondary glazed unit with an air cavity of 150mm to 200mm, can drastically reduce noise issues by up to 80% (54 dB). Most traffic noise problems can be rectified with the installation of either 6.4mm or 6.8mm clear acoustic glass. Where noise is a real nuisance, and loud in nature, we suggest the specification of 8.8mm clear acoustic glass. Thermal – Cold draughts breaching your primary windows can make a room feel uncomfortable and makes it uneconomical as the loss of heat will result in higher energy costs. Where thermal performance is required, we advise the installation of either 4mm, 6mm or 8.8mm clear laminate low E glass. Low E glass has a specifically designed coating that reflects heat waves back into the room, thus keeping your it warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The type of glass specified can increase or decrease your quoted price. It is best practice to speak with us directly as you may over-specify the glass type. Some of our customers and commercial clients specify the highest performing glass, which in turn adds cost. Often we can provide a tailored solution to rectify your issue, which is both cost-efficient and practical for your specific requirements.