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Condensation Solution

Condensation occurs naturally on windows, whether double or single glazed, whenever moist, warm air, encounters a cold surface.

Windows are generally less well insulated than walls, causing them and their surrounds to be the coolest surfaces in the room, hence condensation is most common during the coolest, dampest months of the year.

Convection currents are a major culprit and by controlling the production of excessive moisture, you can reduce the condensation you experience. One thing you should never do is draught exclude existing windows – this creates a condensation trap.

Where condensation is a major issue, we often specify secondary glazing with balanced trickle ventilation. This provides a simple, cost-effective, and permanent solution.

How best to control condensation
The key factors for dealing with general condensation are humidity & moisture control plus the need for ventilation.

For condensation that forms on and around the windows, the best solution is to install secondary glazing.

Good quality, well fitted, secondary windows, with unsealed primary windows or trickle vents, provide a complete, tight, internal seal and allow balanced, low level ventilation within the window reveal cavities.

This stops the inner glass from becoming too cold and prevents condensation from forming on both the primary & secondary windows.

It also protects the primary windows from condensation damage, whilst retaining insulation properties and helping to prevent condensation forming elsewhere

Our factory-fitted trickle ventilation system is both discreet & robust. It allows a simple, flexible method of providing the all-important background ventilation which will help you to control condensation problems.

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