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Secondary double glazing bay windows

Secondary Glazing for Bay Windows

Secondary double glazing really comes into its’ own for specialist applications - window treatments for bay windows & double bay windows are a case in point.

Secondary Glazing Traditional Bay Window
Secondary Glazing Sash Bay Window

Issues & Problems with Double Glazing Bay Windows

Issues with bay windows apply whatever the type of bay you have - square, angled, sash, bow, oriel, etc - and whatever your type of property - post war semi, Victorian terrace, cottage type, maisonette or a flat in a block:




  • often structural & without lintels supporting the brickwork and the roof above
  • bay window replacement can therefore involve major building work
  • room redecoration is usually required after replacing bay windows
  • large areas of single glazed glass in bay windows are a major source of heat loss
  • their construction & age often causes them to be draughty and create cold spots
  • major security risk - traditional windows with catch handles are very easy to break into
  • noise from outside entering through single glazing is often a major problem
  • full replacements of bay & double bay windows are very costly
  • if subject to Listed or Conservation orders, they cannot usually be replaced double glazed
  • modern double glazed bay window replacements rarely look right
  • PVCu double glazing bay windows can reduce your property value
  • many traditional bay & double bay windows suffer badly from condensation
Secondary Glazing Leaded Light Bay Window
Secondary Glazing Bay Window Detail

Bay Window Secondary Glazing Solutions

Installing secondary windows inside your bay is the most cost effective and sympathetic solution to the problem of providing modern standards of noise & heat insulation, comfort and security:

  • secondary glazing for bay windows provides a quick, clean installation
  • no need to redecorate afterwards
  • adding secondary double glazing provides a major insulation boost
  • reduced heating bills
  • no more draughts or cold spots, secondary glazing bay windows provides tight internal seals
  • secondary bay windows dramatically increase security
  • can be factory fitted with additional security locks and toughened or laminated glass
  • secondary double glazing bay windows is the most effective form of noise insulation
  • for heat insulation, secondary windows fitted with low e glass are as effective as replacement double glazing
  • the secondary glazing is virtually invisible from both the outside & the inside so that you get all of the benefits without spoiling the visual aspects & character of your home
  • accepted if your property is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area
  • secondary windows will control condensation problems & protect the primary bay window from wet rot, prolonging its’ lifespan & reducing the need for future repairs, maintenance & redecorating
  • keeping the original bay windows protects the value of your property & makes it more attractive to potential buyers in the future should you wish to sell
  • secondary bay windows are a fraction of the cost of replacements
  • the “green” solution, preserves & extends the life of the original bay windows, secondary glazing also produces far less C0² during the manufacturing process & the added insulation reduces your carbon footprint

Granada Secondary Glazing for Bay Windows

We have a full range of secondary windows for use in bay situations.


All secondary frame types are matching so that you can combine and couple them to get an unobtrusive, cost effective installation.


Concealed fixings and traditional finishing trims achieve a discreet, elegant finished job and all units are robust and simple to maintain.

Product Range

  • horizontal sliders in 2,3,4 or 5 sections for wide expanse bay fronts
  • hinged units for small angled bay sections & bay returns


  • lift out units for sections not required for regular ventilation
  • vertical sliders for sash windows


  • Heritage range for conservation projects
  • full colour matching service


  • 10 standard stock colour finishes
No Scaffolidng Required for Secondary Double Glazing Bay Windows
Secondary Glazing Preserves the Look and Character of Your Home
Secondary Glazing Sash Windows Provides an Effective Economic Solution Against Heat Loss & Noise as Well as Boosting Security
All Types of Windows Can Be Secondary Glazed Against Heat Loss, Noise, Condensation & For Added Security

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