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Secondary double glazing windows & doors for the UK & Eire

This section aims to give you just the basic facts, figures, philosophies & style of our company - our actual secondary double glazing products & services are covered in great detail elsewhere throughout the site.

Granada Head Office - Home of Secondary Glazing
Granada Factory 1

Facts & Figures

We started our business in 1992 with the aim of becoming specialists in the design, manufacture, supply & installation of secondary glazing and:

  • are now the largest manufacturers & installers of secondary windows in the UK, Eire & The Channel Islands
  • are based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire
  • have 3 factories devoted to the manufacture of secondary double glazing
  • produced circa 35,000 secondary double glazed units during 2012
  • at peak periods produce in excess of 1,000 secondary windows per week
  • have current capacity for 50,000+ secondary glazing units per annum
  • are currently developing further facilities to increase capacity to 65,000 units due to increased demand
  • continue to develop new & innovative products
Secondary Glazing Manufacture

Style & Philosophy

From the very beginning we have been firmly focused on the guiding principles that have taken us from new venture to industry leader:

  • excellent customer service, top quality products and real value for money

Our Commitment to You

We remain committed to:

  • designing and manufacturing the very best secondary double glazing, windows & doors
  • exceeding both your expectations and the norm for the industry





Additionally, we always strive to provide the same things that we ourselves value:


  • a fast, reliable, friendly service
  • straight talking & honest advice

Family Values

Granada started out as a company with “family values” - towards our colleagues, our suppliers and our Customers.


We haven’t changed and we:

  • aim to make your dealings with us free from stress, simple and straightforward from the start to the finish
  • are always happy to give information and advice by email or telephone
  • will gladly put you in touch with local to you customers so that you can judge the quality of our work for yourself and get an independent reference


Whether your enquiry is for one secondary window or for lots, we give the same high level of service to all of our customers.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing


We love the fact that we are often involved in Listed Building & Conservation work, of all types & sizes of properties, helping to conserve their rich history & often unique architecture.

The Environment

Residential Secondary Glazing

Environmentally, secondary glazing achieves a winning combination when compared to replacement double glazing.


  • using an energy efficient glass such as Pilkington K Low E, secondary glazing achieves thermal insulation equal to replacement double glazing
  • we also offer St Gobain's Planitherm range of Low E energy saving glass
  • the manufacturing processes create far less CO2 and other greenhouse gases
  • additionally, the original windows are preserved, which:
  • increases the environmental payback from their original manufacture
  • keeps them out of landfill sites

Making a Difference!

Our secondary glazing products & services actually make a difference in peoples’ lives:

  • providing cost effective thermal & noise insulation
  • improving both their living & working conditions





Plus they add to window security, condensation control & preserve our building heritage.


Real Value for Money

Last, but by no means least, the financial implications.

Commercial Secondary Glazing

Unless the original windows are completely rotten and beyond repair:


  • secondary double glazing will provide a cheaper, more cost effective solution to thermal insulation and energy savings
  • for noise insulation, secondary windows are both more effective & cheaper
  • a secondary window can achieve a modern level of security without the cost of replacement and much more discreetly than with grilles and bars
  • secondary glazing for condensation again avoids the cost of replacement and normally is more effective
  • all of these solutions protect the character and the value of your property!

Additional Information





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